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Varieties of exported raisins in the world

Better to have raisins The best raisins in the world are dedicated to raisins. The global price of raisins is a reason for Iran’s major export of raisins to countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Iran’s raisin factories are the most equipped factories in the world.
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5 Benefits of Raisins You Didn’t Know

How are raisins prepared? To make raisins, different types of grapes are dried in different ways, each with its own taste. You might be thinking about raisins in your mind what the benefits of this dried product might be. Raisins can help digestion Do not forget to eat raisins that can improve your digestion if...
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Feel the taste of health by eating raisins

What is raisin? Actually, raisins are dried grapes that are produced in a variety of ways, including industrial and traditional. To prepare raisins in the traditional way, first put the grapes in a tray, then place the tray in the sun or in the other method place the grapes in a dark room to turn...
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